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    Hello there. Welcome to the Spark Comic Website. I'm Jordan Sparks, a New Media graduate and Masters student at Ryerson University and I'm a draw-a-holic... Wait, I'm in the wrong meeting aren't I...


    I’ve always loved comics ever since I was a child, but I only started really getting into them in high school when I discovered web comics and comic book stores. Eventually I thought, "Why don’t I try making my own comic"? I first made two pages for the school Newspaper. After having fun with my second Spark Comic, I started to make more comics independently... When I wasn't lazy. However, one of my University professors in my freshman year saw some of my comic work and encouraged me to do them regularly, so I did and it turns out that it’s a lot of fun!


    I believe that anyone can apply their skills to make the world a better place, and Spark Comics is one of my ways of doing that. This is where I dump all the random comic ideas that pour out of my head; most of them are meant to be funny, many are extremely random, and some may hold a deeper meaning. However, all of my comics for your entertainment, so I hope you enjoy them!


    Until next time, dear visitor, have a Sparktacular Day!