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Hello there. Welcome to the Spark Comic Website. I'm Jordan Sparks, a New Media student at Ryerson University and I'm a draw-a-holic... Wait, I'm in the wrong meeting aren't I...

I created Spark Comics because I've always loved Comics. I still read and buy comic books regularly, consisting of both Super Heroes and lesser known properties. I read many webcomics such as VG Cats, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, Awkward Zombie, s and Octopus Pie among many others. A long time ago, I thought, "Why not try making my own comic?" I tried to lead a school club to make a comic before that, and that failed miserably so I decided to be indepentent with my work. I first made it for the school Newspaper. After having fun with my second Spark Comic, I started to do it independently... When I wasn't lazy. As you can notice, I started in 2009 and haven't really produced many comics considering the time, but I was convinced in my first year of University by one of my professors to change that and do comics regularly. I have many stories I wish to tell. Many comics drawn but not finished. Many jokes that I think you'll find funny. Many years ago, I decided that my purpose in life was to help better the world by making people happy with my art and I think Spark Comics have become a useful medium to do so. Well this is the end of my little rant about me and the Spark Comics. This site was made for a Visual Studies assignment, but now I'm continuing the site and making the comics as I think it's fun to do.

I'd like to thank my professor, David Green, for pushing me to keep doing comics. I made this site, originally, for my website assignment in a Visual Studies course and made Spark Comics #7-9 as part of my final project in April 2011. He loved it and encouraged me to make one comic per week after that, starting that summer, whereas before I only made comics ocassionally when I felt like it. Although, I've had problems getting them all done on time, but I've been slowly improving and have been having a lot of fun with it. If it wasn't for his nudging, this site wouldn't exist and I'm glad he encouraged me to do it.

I would also like to thank my friend Tyler Freedman for helping me setup this website. While I designed it, he helped me get some aspects of the coding for the site to work when I was having problems, and explained to me all about web hosting, how to buy my domain and get the hosting to work, so I think he definitely deserves credit for it. He's an excellent web designer and I definitely recommend you seek him out if you're looking for someone to design a website. You can check him out on his website:

So until next time, dear visitor, have a Sparktacular Day. :)