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July 28th, 2023
Spark Comic #0 - Civic Story





At long last, after YEARS of development, my game Civic Story has now been released. Civic Story is an 8-chapter 3D Visual Novel that acts as a Political Parody of Canadian Politics that teaches Civics. In this comedic adventure, you are thrust into a sudden election season as a citizen and see how the political climate affects you, your community, and your country through a cast of wacky and dramatic characters. Applying a lot of real world research into a fictional story, my team and I hope this makes you laugh, teaches you about the world, and inspires you to vote.

Civic Story is the culmination of my entire games career so far. It was the first original game idea I ever came up with and I spent about 8 years conceptualizing it and gathering funding. It took my amazing team and I around 2.5 years to make it. Parts of the visuals and aesthetics are actually based on my work on Spark Comics. I didn’t want to make a typical political game. Instead, I wanted to make a game that tried to address the low voter turnout rate in Canada and around the world by showing the effects of politics from a social and relatable perspective; how all that high level political stuff affect the average person. I sacrcrificed and dedicated all my time and money to inspire more people to vote for a better world. I hope you learn something and get energized to vote in your next elections wherever you are.

Civic Story is now available on Steam and Itch. If you’ve been a fan of my work and Spark Comics, I’d greatly appreciate if you could buy Civic Story to support me and my fantastic team at my Shining Spark Entertainment studio!