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June 17th, 2014

Spark Comic Bonus - Gradvolution

  I can't believe it. A week ago yesterday, I officially graduated Ryerson University's New Media program. I would've posted this last week, but I wasn't feeling that well. It seems very surreal. I've literally had the dream of going to University since I was 3 years old and always used to tell it to people as a child and write that in those little kindergarten journals. Now I've graduated University and it's hard to really let that sink in, even a week later. It was the happiest and saddest moment of my life. Going to Ryerson University is the best decision I ever made because it marked the moment my life turned around since I mostly hated public school, but loved every second of being in University. I'm still there technically, since I work there and also am doing a Masters starting in September, but it won't be the same since about 70% of the people I know will be gone. Still, I'm proud of the friends, connections, and accomplishments achieved in these past 4 years and I will never forget them.

  See you next comic. :)



May 6th, 2014

Hey there Sparky Fans!

With exams over, I am now free to recover from another stressful year. I'm proud of what I accomplished but am very glad I'm finished. I realize my regularity with comics can be iffy, but I'm going to try and make a more steady stream of pages this summer and hope for minimal interuptions in schedule. As always, I plan to debut new comics on Tuesdays, so come back every Tuesday for a new comic!

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