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May 17th, 2021
Spark Comic Bonus - Spark Comic Jam 2021

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2020 Spark Comic Jam:

The last 5 months have been a doozy. Not only did I lead the production and transition of the Toronto Comics Arts Festival into an Online Virtual Festival and lead the production, broadcasting, and scheduling of the Comics X Games festival as part of TCAF, but I also produced another Spark Comic Jam in partnership with TCAF. This is on top of becoming a Professor and getting a whole host of other responsibilities over the past few months since my last comic, so safe to say I've been very busy lately.

Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of doing the second Spark Comic Jam once again with my friends Mystayre, Jiayi, and OkappiXV. For those unaware, a comic jam is a collaborative comic making method where people draw a panel of a new comic, but subsequent panels and the overalll story is decided randomly by someone else who picks up the page, resulting in an unpredictable comic with many twists, turns, and art styles. I created the Spark Comic Jam last year to great success and was thrilled to pitch it once again for TCAF this year while working on the festival. We created another round of unpredictable pages live. When OkappiXV had to leave a bit early, my friend Alex suggested I get my other friend Marcomix to join the fun, who was also moderating our Twitch Chat at the time. Marcomix came in and finished the last panel of the Plankton comic. It was a blast to draw with my friends and catch up with them and I hope to do this again.

Special thanks to TCAF and everyone mentioned at the end of the comic, but especially to Enna Kim, Hand Eye Society's Volunteer Coordinator who took over the Comics X Games show while I did the Spark Comic Jam. As part of TCAF and the Comics X Games Festival, I did the Comics X Games show on the Hand Eye Society Twitch channel from May 8 - 15, every day except Sundays. I coordinated and broadcast the every show except the same day of the Spark Comic Jam where I trained Enna to take over for me. You can check out the entire Comics X Games show, featuring many diverse games and speakers at the following link: