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Spark Comic 10
May 10th, 2011
Spark Comic #10 - Why so Happy?

This comic has been in planning for a LONG time. In fact, my original Ronald McJoker picture was made specifically FOR this comic. I was just too lazy to do it until I FINALLY started to dedicate myself to make one comic a week, starting this week. This idea came originally from a print I saw at Anime North a few years ago with a realistic painting of the head Heath Ledger's Joker on Ronald McDonald while looking through some old photos and then this idea came to me. As you can probably tell, I got lazy for the background of the last panel.

Yes, Ronald McDonald is The Joker. He's going to kill us all, so be careful when you go to McDonalds. He might kill you while Bada bop bop ba Lovin' It.

The Ronald McJoker Image has come a long way though. Ever since I made it for fun on Christmas Eve last year. Someone paid me for permission to use it a few months ago. That was the first time someone's asked me for anything like that which was a welcome surprise since I was separately looking for my first set of commissions at the time.

So yeah, enjoy this new Comic. I'll try my hardest to bust out another one next week and make these comics a weekly thing.

And if you laugh, I must ask... Why so happy?