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Spark Comic 100
August 31st, 2016
Spark Comic #100 - Spark The World

There we go. After 7 years, Spark Comics has finally reached it’s 100th page. I figured with such a milestone, I wanted people to understand why I do what I do… And make the longest comic to date. I hope it inspired you to think about your own lives. I’d like to thank everyone reading this, whether you’ve been a long time fan or a new reader of my work. I truly appreciate your support. Your support has pushed me to grow as an artist and in so many ways and for that I’m thankful.

Make no mistake, Spark Comics isn’t going anywhere! I’ll still be making more comics in the future, but I will be taking a bit of a break from comics. I’d like to be able to make Spark Comics truly weekly again by taking the time to make several months worth of buffer and completely redesign the Spark Comics website. I also want to work on other projects I’ve been holding off on, like illustrations, interactive art, animations, and videos. That brings me to my next topic.

As of today, I’ve officially launched my Patreon. My Patreon will support not only Spark Comics, but all of my other multimedia work as well. I will never ask you to pay to access my public works, as I believe in making my work as accessible as possible. However, if you wish to support my work monetarily, you are welcome to contribute to my Patreon. Whether or not you choose to donate to my Patreon, I deeply appreciate everyone who has supported both Spark Comics and my other work over the years. I hope to continue creating art for you to enjoy.

From the bottom of my actual heart, thank you for reading Spark Comics. Today is also marks exactly 1 year since the completion of my Masters degree and An/Other. I’m proud to have landed our 100th page on such a date. We’ll be back soon with more stories making fun of life, pop culture, and randomness and spark it up so you don’t have to.

Until next time, stay Sparktacular.