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Spark Comic 107
October 28th, 2020
Spark Comic #107 - Halloween 2020

How goes it readers? 2020 is a mess for a variety of reasons and has caused untold amounts of misery, which is why I find it hilarious and concerning that people seem to think Halloween is both still happening this year and actually scary.

We live in a pandemic hellscape with political nonsense happening at every turn and climate change waiting ro kill us. Halloween isn’t happening this year and we all have other things to be scared about. Nobody’s going Trick-Or-COVID this year. Yet, go into a shop over the past few months and you’ll see costumes and Halloween gear all over the place. Even the Spirit of Halloween shops can’t help but rise from the grave. Look, I get that there is a Halloween Industry that probably premade all this stuff in advance before the Coronavirus and it needs to sell, but I think this year that industry needs to just do what it tries to do to people’s spines and chill.

Halloween ain’t happening this year. Deal with it.

So updates: You’re getting 2 comics this week! Originally, this was supposed to come out last week, but it wasn’t done and then I got really busy finishing a project at work. That project in question was Canzine is an annual zine/comic festival by Broken Pencil that I usually go to every year, so I was thrilled to be able to develop it with my team at the Hand Eye Society as a virtual online experience where people can discover over 250 artists and buy their zines. It was a huge success, but was only for this past weekend. However, it’s still up at the moment, so if you’re quick, you might still be able to check it out. My team and I spent hundreds of hours getting that to work over the past 4 months and I’m super proud of it. Next comic is coming out on Friday, just to space things out. I wanted to get it out this week due to a certain election is going on soon, because I’m a politics buff, but I wanted to get this comic out first since it’s also Halloween soon and I’ve been too busy to put this on a better schedule. Kthxbye and I’ll see you next comic!