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Spark Comic 42
June 12th, 2012
Spark Comic #42 - Clothes Shopping (Part 2)

Part 2 of 2, continuing from Part 1 last week

Continuing from what I was ranting on last week, this is something that often happens to me, and this is a question that I often feel like asking. I most vividly remember this happening when I saw a neat Portal shirt. I looked at it and it said Extra Large. How? I don't know. Then I saw a sticker that said "Slim Fit Extra Large"... Nice. The term "Slim fit" is perhaps one of the biggest jokes in the fashion industry since it might as well say "small corset". A long time ago, I began to think people were wearing uncomfortable skin-tight clothes because they're the only blasted thing available and quite frankly that opinion hasn't changed too much.

In my opinion, the two biggest offenders in things like this are Bluenotes and Hot Topic. I'm a very big fan of shirts with unique or geek related decals and designs. Both stores, Hot Topic especially, seem to have these in droves. Yet, it's beyond me who's actually going to wear them, which explains why I always see so many of them unpurchased. Both stores have the absolute worst size labeling I've ever seen. It's a real shame since some of their clothes are actually decent and I'd be inclined to buy it if it were made for humans and not twig sized aliens from outer space.

It's for these reasons that I started ordering a lot of my clothes online now. Surprisingly, there are a lot of online shirt stores with very nice and unique designs. I often go to or get e-mails from sites like Sharkrobot and Woot among many other online venues and I'm always very happy with my purchase. The only drawback is that, of course, you can't try before you buy or see if it actually fits you. While it becomes more worrysome since you can't size the clothing properly, the sizing on these online stores tend to be pretty good and consistent, so a large will actually BE a large. If you're like me and often run into this issues stated in this and last week's comics, I recommend trying your luck at finding clothes online. Many of the things you find may be even better than anything you'll find in stores. :)

See you next comic. :)