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Spark Comic 51
September 25th, 2012
Spark Comic #51 - Symphony Of The Goddesses

Hey everybody! I'm baaaaaack! How long remains to be seen though. I'm sure life and my homework will get in the way very soon. Probably this weekend considering I'm probably attending both Nuit Blanche and The Great Canadian Appathon with some friends. I'm sure attending both of them is a fast road to personal suicide, but I'm gonna do it anyway, because they're both awesome.

Before, I begin my small rant about this comic, please welcome "new" character based on a friend of mine, Pat Awan. I say "new" because she was actually introduced in a previous comic, Spark Comic #43 about Anime North. I'm sure the friend who Pat Awan is based on is going to kill me for making her character's name into a Star Wars pun, but I'll take care of my own funeral later.

A few weeks ago, Pat and I went to The Legend of Zelda - Symphony Of The Goddesses orchestra concert. If you didn't know, Nintendo has been going around North America with an actual symphony orchestra to play Zelda music live. I didn't think it was coming to Canada, but early this year, they announced a round of tours, hitting a few places in Canada, and I was stoked. We decided to purchase seats together as soon as the ticket purchases were made available in March, and the rest is awesome history.

Had a lot of fun with this piece. You may have been noticing that the last few comics have not had many or any photo backgrounds. That's mostly because I'm not good with backgrounds and are trying to get better. Likewise, the fans also said theyliked drawn backgrounds better and while I kinda like the personal touch of photographed backgrounds, drawing them does improve my skills and feels more rewarding, so I'll be using photos sparingly if at all. I only used them on the top panel because there was little I could do to portray the majesty of the orchestra at the concert... Though I did give it a filter to make it look a bit stylized.

I know this comic isn't that funny or has an actual joke, but I thought it appropriate to illustrate something that brought me great joy, both concerning the event in question and actually making this comic. Likewise, it always brings joy to me to see people enjoy the comics. I know this didn't leave you laughing, but we'll get back to your regular scheduled funnies next week... Or whenever I have time to make the next page.

See you next comic! :)