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Spark Comic 54
January 1st, 2013
Spark Comic #54 - The Grading Pyramid

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you're all having happy holidays and that 2013 holds success for us all!

This comic is just based on the anxiety and contempt people sometimes have towards other people's grades. With another term/year/semester over, students have begun to get their marks back for tests and assignments. As I learned long ago, no matter the result, there's usually somebody who will look on you unfavorbly no matter what your grades are. It's for this reason that I RARELY ever tell people what my grades are to avoid things like this. Not to say my grades have ever been something to be ashamed of; I've generally always been an A-range student and my grades rarely ever fall to or below C-Levels. Still, bragging about it doesn't help and it only creates enemies and envy.

Personally, I have no interest in judging people based on their marks. Even so, I will say it feels awesome when you know you got higher than the ones that are determined to see you fail. I don't usually say this, but in terms of your grades on this marking Pyramid, always aim to be a Mega Asshole. :P

I think the guy who can't pull his pants up automatically qualifies as R for Retard...

See you next comic! :)