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Spark Comic 59
February 20th, 2013
Spark Comic #59 - Art History

Yes, this actually happened. This is what actually happens in an Art History class. My actual Art History class was more like the first panel, however it wasn't that by the books. My Art History teacher often tossed around jokes and fun facts about paintings and always seemed to love highlighting paintings that had hidden links to prostitution. The teacher who I based the professor in the second panel, who taught my "Concepts & Theories" and "New Media History" classes, on was a bit more of an oddball in his teaching methods, and we all loved him for it. Still, there were a few things he showed us that were very... Odd...

If you look this up, you'll see it's actually a thing. Vito Acconci is a real person. Seedbed actually happened and, despite my opinion to the contrary, it was passed off as art. The documentary we watched about it was weird, but don't worry, it's visually very Safe For Work. Whether or not it's mentally SFW is another question entirely (Can't remember if this is the exact video we watched, but it shows you Vito Acconci talking about his work, including Seedbed. It's completely SFW... Visuallly). When you take an art major you learn MANY weird things about Art History. For example, it seems as though if you want to become a notable artist in the history books you need to make a bunch of artwork and either commit suicide, die tragically, possibly by drug overdose, OR live to be so insane that you probably belong in an asylum with Ronald McJoker. I don't think I fit into either of those categories so I guess I'm destined to fade into obscurity.

You learn a lot of stuff that makes no sense, like a guy who's "art piece" was literally getting shot to make a statement about "mortality". The same professor who I based on the second panel once wanted to imitate Yoko Ono during my New Media History class last year, so he took off his jacket, showed his plain black shirt, took out some scissors, and asked us to come up to the front of the lecture hall to cut off pieces of his shirt. I'm not kidding and I still have the piece I cut off to prove it. He then proceeded to teach the rest of the class in his torn up black shirt... Yes, he is that awesome and he's one of my favorite professors.

Any art student can probably agree with me when I say Art History, or art courses in general, are definitely not what they would expect. What are your Awkward Art Stories?

See you next comic! :)

P.S. Bonus points for guessing which painting is in the first panel.