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Spark Comic 69
March 25th, 2014
Spark Comic #69 - Cracked

I feel like this comic basically encapsulates the entirety of international media attention in Toronto over the past year. It also marks an experimental use of style and the second time I've made fun of humpty dumpty Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year, then you'll know all about Rob Ford being Toronto infamous crack smoking mayor. However, that's probably all you've heard about him. If you actually live in Toronto, like I do, your opinions of the mayor may tend to be even less favorable. He's pretty much proven himself to be a fool from day one. He got into so much trouble on a regular basis (eg. Using the phone while driving, assaulting a reporter, getting drunk all over the place, many racist comments, having "more enough to eat at home", and much MUCH more) that even before crack made the list, I said that he couldn't go a week without fucking up and some friends and I made a animatronic project of Rob Ford eating the city of Toronto, because all he does is fuck things up. When the crack scandal finally became news, it went from him fucking up every week to every day. I can't say I was shocked when it first came out. Every time a further detail was unearthed about it, headlines were made and twitter, much like the bird in the comic, was made ablaze. Internationally, people are laughing at us for having such an incompetent mayor. Heck, we were laughing at us too for a while. However, I've honestly gotten to the point where it's no longer funny anymore and just straight up humilating as a proud Torontonian to have him running the city and never ceasing to fuck up. I love this city, and it frustrates me that this is what we're known for now.

One question I'm sure many are asking is, "How did this idiot become mayor?", even amongst people in the city. However, the idiocy lies with us most of all. We voted for him, even if we didn't vote. I feel partly responsible about him being in power since it is partly my fault for that being the only eligible election I didn't vote in (I can make excuses, but that doesn't change the fact that I didn't vote), but the responsibility shifts also to all of us in Toronto who also didn't vote or voted for him, just like the appointment of any bad politician. Bad politiciasn stay in power and institute bad policies because we let them and there's no amount of excuses or political apathy that anyone can spout that will change that unless we actually care to vote and vote for the right reasons. For example, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is trying to cement voting fraud and voter suppression with the [Un]Fair Elections Act and yet nobody cares. Too many of you don't care about what the politicians are doing and the rights they are taking from you behind your back. That needs to change. Just ask yourself: If voting doesn't matter, why are they taking our right to vote, among other things?

See you next comic! :)