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Spark Comic 75
June 3rd, 2014
Spark Comic #75 - Bed Head

Hello again Sparky fans. We are 3/4 of the way on our quest to 100 pages! Choo-Choo! All aboard the hype train! It's time I came out with my secret relationship with my bed and I… A relationship I'm certain at least 90% of you have with your bed, especially if you're finishing a year of academics. Sleep is glorious after a year of late nights and all nighters and so my bed is my mate and new best friend. It understands me.

   The 3D bed model featured in this comic is actually a bed I made in Maya that is a recreation of my actual bed. I must admit though that I surprised myself at how accurate the model is, with the exception of the contents on the shelves; my bed shelves are far more full of things. Funny story about my bed frame, not only have I had it since childhood, but 2 of my cousins also have had the same frame since childhood and presumably still do, despite the fact that we live in different provinces. It's a good sturdy frame that hasn't broken after all these years, even surviving a move, and it's also very useful. Not only does it have those shelves, which I notice is rare with most frames nowadays, but on the other side of the bed (Not featured in the picture but was built on the model) there are 3 relatively large drawers where you can put stuff in and I often use to house childhood junk I like holding on to.

  I put all sorts of other junk on the shelves, like dragon sculptures and other figurines, books, CDs, and an alarm clock. The figures featured here were models ripped by The Models Resource for convenience, but I actually own most of them in real life. I have Megaman X, Samus, and Sonic figures on my shelf, the Rayquaza was a stand-in for the dragon sculptures and the last one is Toyo, a 3D model of a character I made long ago and hope to use again one day. Maybe one day I'll replace them with actual models I've made, but for now here it is.

  So yeah… Bed, sleep, wake, work, bed, see you next comic Sparky Fans, bed, sleep, Zzzzzzzzzz…