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Spark Comic 8
April 24th, 2011
Spark Comic #8 - Donald F-ing Trump

3rd Entry for my Visual Studies Project.


No doubt most of you have seen or at least heard of Donald's Trump recent interview saying he's thinking of running for President of the United Stated in 2012 (If you haven't seen it, click here). I'm a Canadian, so I'm not a complete guru in American Politics, but not only do I think that's a terrible idea, but he proved during the interview that he is a total tool. This is pretty much what I took from that interview, and yes, he actually does the blatant plug for his show during the interview.

If Trump succeeds Obama as President, the world will certainly be screwed in 2012. It would be almost (but not nearly) as bad as if Sarah Palin became President.

... Makes me glad I live in Canada.


UPDATE: Trump isn't running for president. I guess Obama shamed him too badly at the White House Corespondance Dinner.

UPDATE 2: I made this comic in 2011. It is now 2015 and Donald Trump is running for President... I'm sad that we've actually reached this point... I can only hope people aren't stupid enough to elect that Oompa Loompa... >_>

UPDATE 3: ... I am so sorry for the reality I have unwittingly predicted... >_>