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Spark Comic 98
August 17th, 2016
Spark Comic #98 - Morph Bollocks

I’ve finally made a Metroid comic! Considering that several of my early logos were partly inspired by the Samus symbol, I figured I had to make at least ONE Metroid parody before I hit the big 100. Despite my relatively short history with the series, Metroid is one of my favorite Nintendo franchises. I’m a huge fan of all the Metroid games… Except Other M because fuck that game. It makes me sad that Nintendo skipped Metroid this generation, but at least we’re getting Federation Force soon… I guess.

I was actually afraid of making this comic for a long time. To me, Metroid’s one of those series I love so much that I have a hard time making fun of it. Most of my Metroid joke ideas are either super obvious and already been done or making fun of Other M (which is easy to do) and I’m saving those jokes for a possible animated parody of that game which I’ve wanted to do for years. However, I’ve always liked the idea of Samus’ stumbling onto a sports game of somehow in Morph Ball form. The Space Pirates gotta do something besides murder for fun, right? Besides, it makes an obvious outlet for my favorite Space Jam references.

We’re almost to the big 100! Only 2 more left! See you next comic! :)