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November 6th, 2012
Spark Comic Bonus - Yu-Gi-Obama!

Just a quick piece of artwork I made for today's US election. As the votes are tallied tonight I thought I'd quickly draw a fun idea I've had for a while of combining Yu-Gi-Oh and Politics before it's irrelevant. If only more things in life could be settled through children's card games. I've always been a big Yu-Gi-Oh fan and wanted to draw a riff on the Dark Magician and Money-Eyes White Dragon too but I had no time. This is all you're getting now folks.

I hope all of you Americans voted. As I said in Spark Comic #52, voting is very important and you should be as politically informed as possible! I don't care who you vote for, as long as you make an informed decision to select your candidate. Even after this election, do some research and base your political opinions based on solid facts. ALWAYS keep up with what's going on in the political world.

Who will win?! I'm hoping Yugi Mutobama. YU-GI-OBAMA!


UPDATE: Yugi Mutobama has officially defeated Mitto Kaiba. :)