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Spark Comic 13
June 7th, 2011
Spark Comic #13 - E3 2011 Predictions: Capcom

Like everyone else, I've been trying to predict the madness that could possibly occur at E3 this week and came up with something Capcom would do.

I love Capcom, but goddamn do they keep needlessly refining their games. How many times are they going to re-release the SAME GAME. Capcom just keeps releasing a more "defined" version of EVERY Street Fighter and just adds SOME sort of adjective to it and it honestly feels like they're REALLY trolling us every time. Now I will admit, Super Street Fighter IV was a pretty big update to the original game, but now you have 3D Edition, which was supposed to be the most refined version ever they said, and then this week the Arcade Edition comes out, which is most certainly the defined Street Fighter IV experience, "according to them." I like Street Fighter, but seriously, stop asking people to buy the same game with a minor add-on I could do without and release another installment. Heck, SoulCalibur's on it's fifth game and it's been around less than half the time Street Fighter has.

Enough of me bitching about that. I watched E3 live on Monday (this comic was finished at that point) and saw the conferences of Microsoft, Sony, and half of Ubisoft. They were all pretty bad...

Microsoft: "Get a Kinect! Get a Kinect! Get a Kinect! WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T WANT TO?!!!!!!"


Sony: "We got the Playstation Move, 3D crap, AND the PSVita, with touchscreens and augmented reality! You love that shit, right?! We're the most original company EVER!"

Sony's conference was the best of the day, but that's not saying much. They started off well... Then they started shoving the mentioned above items down my throat and it went down hill from there...

Nintendo's conference, which I saw today, was freaking amazing. Can't wait for the Wii U.

Street Fighter IV and Capcom Logos are all owned by Capcom

The full name of game here is: Super Duper Awesome Amazing Alpha Omega Beta Gamma Turbo Strike Marvel Capcom Galactic Rainbow Sparktacular Mighty Morphin' Pawnch Ultimate Troll Gang Raving Goofy Goober Elite Smash Nyan Oil Teenage Mutant Lego STREET FIGHTER IV - 3D Arcade OMGEEBUS Superstar Kamehamehadoken Edition!

P.S. At E3, Capcom announced Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike HD Online Edition AND the new Street Fighter IV: Volt... FUCKING CALLED IT!!!!