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Spark Comic 17
July 27th, 2011
Spark Comic #17 - You're doing it wrong!

Yes, I'm late with this comic again, but I've been out and without my computer quite a bit recently and I've been busy with other stuff so I made this since I couldn't finish my planned comic in time, which is supposed to be a reaction to MegaMan Legends 3 getting cancelled. Weekly comics are HARD!

Anyway, this is a comedic take on something that irritates me to no end. Maybe I'm just nitpicky, but I really get annoyed and irritated everytime I see someone with the "thug/gangster" pants look. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you people?! I can see your underwear without even trying now that it's practically sticking out. There's no reason for it. It looks like people who do this are under the impression that they look "cool". Hahahahaha-No, you look like complete idiot. Pants are not meant to be worn that way. Heck, with the pants hanging down to their knees and such, I don't think it's even qualified as "wearing pants". How in the hell do you even walk, let alone run, when the pants are not only too big for you and drooping all over the place but constricting all sorts of leg movement. Additionally, it pisses me off to no end that people say its a trait of blackness. As a black person myself, I very much beg to differ. I will never understand this and will never be caught dead trying it.

So please, if you agree with me, feel free spread this to your friends who may or may not do this sort of thing. If they do, let's collectively tell them to, PULL THEIR FUCKING PANTS UP!!!