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Spark Comic 18
August 2nd, 2011
Spark Comic #18 - Mega-Busted

As you can tell, this comic is a bit of a comedic rage in response to MegaMan Legends 3's very explosive cancellation. I've been a fan of Legends since I was a kid and I own both Legends 1 & 2 on the original Playstation. I was happy when they announced last year that they were bringing it back and was pretty pissed when they suddenly cancelled it a few weeks ago.

Crapcom has really pissing off its fanbase a lot lately. First, they refuse to localize Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations 2, then they cancel MegaMan Universe and now this. To add to that, the often insulting tweets from Capcom Euro's twitter created a huge PR disaster. It seems they only care about making redundant re-releases of Street Fighter and any other franchise they can easily milk for cash.

Also, despite the massive fan-push to bring the game back, Capcom recently nixed any chance of our pleas being answered... Tron Bonne and Megaman Legends backgrounds in Marvel Vs Capcom games are now going to be like twists of the knife to fans....

Don't announce a highly anticipated sequel to a popular franchise when you, yourself, have almost no plans to actually go ahead and develop it!

I think Dr. Wily took over Capcom. That would explain EVERYTHING!