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Spark Comic 20
August 18th, 2011
Spark Comic #20 - Old Drawings

Welcome to another edition of Spark Comics; Sparking it up so you don't have to with this 20th comic.

I've been through this A LOT, either while looking all over my messy room for something or doing some cleaning/organizing things. I always seem to stumble upon old sketchbooks. Enevitably, I always seem to open up the sketchbooks from like 4+ years ago and become horrified at the artistic atrocities I've commited. Looking at old work is painful and it makes it even more agonizing when you remember thinking it looked like the best drawing in the world when you originally made it.

This comic is something that I think everyone can relate to, even if you aren't an artist. I'm sure we all remember, however vaguely, how much of a sense accomplishment and happiness we got out of doing some things as a child. Back then, we all thought everything we did was the best thing ever, with our parents and teachers internally terrified and outwordly supportive of our work, for which I somewhat pity them. When you make something as a kid, it's always the best thing ever. Then you grow up and learn that you know absolutely nothing. But I think that is necessary to grow. You see your old work and improve on it and as bad as it is, it was necessary to become better. Even when you're good, it's never good enough and when you improve you look at your work from a few years previous and feel extreme scorn for it, which will repeat itself the year after on your then recent work. I somewhat wish I had that childish innocence from back then, when everything I touched seemed like gold... Then I see stuff like this and thank god I don't...

I'm sure a year or 2 from now, I'll look at this comic with similar scorn and disgust... Much how I view Spark Comic #1 now.

See you next comic.