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Spark Comic 26
December 23rd, 2011
Spark Comic #26 - Skydive

This comic was originally inspired by trailers I had seen for The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword and was written before the game came out during one of my "Way too busy to be making comics" phases in the past few months. Leave it to Nintendo to actually realize this idea at the very beginning of the actual game, much to my surprise. Ever since I started playing it, I've gotten a wealth of Zelda ideas for comics which I may or may not use. I haven't finished the game yet, currently on the latter half of the Ship Level. So far, my favorite boss was against one of the 6 armed bosses that lets you wield a Giant Sword. I felt like such a badass in that battle. Now if only they allowed me to take the sword afterwards... :(

As for what I think of Skyward Sword thus far, I say it's actually really good and I like it. The art style is great, the characters are interesting, boss battles are well done, and the narrative is developed rather well. It's still not as good as Wind Waker though.

The motion controls (which require a Wii Motion Plus or a Wii Remote Plus) are great and intuitive but can easily become a hit or miss. On one hand they can be accurate. On another they're not. There will be several instances where it doesn't slash the way I tell it to, which is very important because the majority of enemies will block certain ways of attacking and you have to slash in a different direction to start killing them. This can be especially annoying on the advanced enemies when they block every direction of attack, except one which you have to hit quickly. The Harp, the obligatory instrument of the game, is probably the worst instrument in a Zelda game since it's uses are situational and annoying. Fi, your companion, is also really annoying. Not only does she become Captain Obvious, she also talks like a robot. She can't say, "Zelda is here". She says "There is a 75% chance Zelda is here" which is really annoying since she does robot speak for REALLY obvious things a lot. I never even found Navi too annoying, but this is definitely worse; at least Navi wasn't a Terminator. At least I like Fi's autotuned voice.

Despite my criticisms of the game, it's by no means bad. It deserves your attention and you should play it. I highly recommend it.

See you next comic!