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Spark Comic 25
December 13th, 2011
Spark Comic #25 - Catherine

Yay! We've reached 25 Spark Comics! Break out your party hats!

After playing acclaimed puzzle/horror/relationship-simulator game Catherine months ago, the idea for having the game made out of Lego quickly popped into my head. The game seems like something you would do with Lego pieces, though thinking about it now it also seems like a form of Killer Jenga. What's a bit scary by this comic is that I can actually see game developers doing this... No, really! In addition to games, Lego has "lego-fied" countless other properties into toys of which will only grow to more series. Lego-fying Catherine is the next logical step, after all, since its emphasis on blocks makes it seem tailor made for Lego in this case.

As for my opinion of Catherine as a game, I did really like it. Atlus is a company I regard the same way I think of Suda51. They make great games that are more unique and satisfying than anything on the shelves these days and have made awesome games, but man are they weird. The gameplay is solid and challenging. The story is kind of like Scott Pilgrim meets Inception meets Nightmare on Elm Street, though it could've been solved in 5 minutes by Vincent telling the psycho Catherine that he's taken. There was one boss that still scares the living shit out of me and is one of the biggest pieces of Nightmare fuel I've seen in a game in recent memory. To those who have played Catherine, it's the Immoral Beast.

Despite my complaints, you should get this game. It's unlike any you've probably played before and if you go for an honest run, like I did, it will tell you if you're morally retarded or not. I did an honest run of the game on my first try and I got the Normal Lovers ending with Katherine. Glad to know I'm not an asshole, though I didn't really need the game to tell me this.

See you next comic!