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Spark Comic 24
December 6th, 2011
Spark Comic #24 - Notetaking

Apologies for the gaps between new comics, but I'm busy, yadda yadda yadda. You get it.

This comic idea came to me when I was making notes about pictures to prepare for my Slide Recognition Test that was actually an in-class exam. I've ALWAYS done this when taking notes, especially in High School (Something like this is only half as wacky as my High School Notes!). I often pay attention whilst drawing random things on my paper as my way of focusing. My notes, as you can tell, are also REALLY unconventional... But they work! That last note on the second panel is taken straight from my notes, the rest were approximately what I put down to remember that Slide since I couldn't find my notes!

I made this comic quickly and in a hurry, but overall it was REALLY fun to do. I don't take written notes too much nowadays since I'm allowed to use my computer in class now in University so it was exhilarating to do this again and draw all sorts of wacky things. This was also the first time I've used Sketchbook Pro for a comic. It's an awesome program.

Despite what you may think of my notetaking style, I'm actually a really good student. I know my material, I work harder than anyone and I've always gotten high marks in almost every course I've taken. I just have... Different ways of doing things... But they work!

See you next comic! :D

P.S. Got my mark for test I was studying for, of which the notes for this comic were based on. I got almost perfect. Told you it works! :)