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Spark Comic 23
November 15th, 2011
Spark Comic #23 - Awkward Silence

As you probably figured out, this is based off a conversation I had with this guy I know, a few months ago, in September. I was just drawing something for a future comic (which I still plan to do) in the student lounge when he came along and this happened. While not every piece of dialogue is word for word, this is pretty much how the conversation went, with the last piece of dialogue being his exact words. I thought it would make for an interesting comic.

I know this may not seem that funny to many of you, but I honestly have no time at the moment for the more elaborate and funnier comics I have in the pipeline. Hopefully, I'll be able to produce them, including the comic I was actually drawing at that moment in the comic, out soon...

But anyway, my point is RANDOM MOMENTS!!! BLARRG!!! :D