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Spark Comic 22
November 1st, 2011
Spark Comic #22 - HallowSteam

Hello Susan Boyles and Ghouls! Welcome to another edition of Spark Comics on... November 1st?! Crap, missed Halloween by a day!

My apologies to those who have actually been fans of Spark Comics for taking over a month's hiatus. I've been really busy with constant projects kicking me in the ass (As well as stomach flu, which has suddenly started kicking me in the ass since yesterday for some mysterious reason).

Today's Spark Comic is just a random idea I came up with last week when my friend and I noticed the Steam Halloween Sale and saw that they had Trains Vs Zombies on sale as DLC for some Train Simulator. Honestly, trains AND zombies?! That's as non-sensical as cats, poptarts and rainbows!!!! I like it!! :D

And no I did not actually buy it. I just thought it was awesome. XD