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Spark Comic 29
January 21st, 2012
Spark Comic #29 - Kortal Mombat

This is a continuation of last week's Mortal Kombat comic, as you can tell. Introducing a 3rd character named Lex Luthonde, based off a friend of mine. I've been thinking of more ideas that are less game character oriented and featuring more characters based on friends of mine, so hopefully I can pan those out.

The first and only I played Mortal Kombat, at one point my opponent performed a Babality on me while I was trying os Kratos. I was instantly mindfucked. I literally had no clue what the hell just happened and just quit playing right then and there since I couldn't help but feel some humilation eminating from that. I just walked away while thinking "What the fuck just happened." I found out eventually that it was actually part of the game and applicable to every character whereas I thought it was just some special feature for only Kratos. While drawing this comic, I watched all the babalities on Youtube and some of them are hilariously cute, which is especially ironic considering it's Mortal-Freaking-Kombat.

I think my question still applies though and it's been something I've wondered about for years despite not playing any MK games besides the original. How do you make a franchise where nobody can fight and emerge with their spines still attached? Even for fighting games where we just throw all logic out the window can't make me ignore that lingering question. After last week's comic I started looking into Mortal Kombat's loose excuse for a canon and found out the only death that really stuck was Sub Zero's after Scorpion kills him. Then Subby's younger brother becomes the new Sub-Zero and the dead one because Noob Salbot (Haha, Noob...). Honestly, I just gave up trying to figure out the story of Mortal Kombat. BlazBlue made more sense than this and I barely have any clue what the heck happened in that game's plot.

See you next comic!