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Spark Comic 32
February 21st, 2012
Spark Comic #32 - Reading Week

Another week, another Spark Comic! This week's is very similar to Spark Comic #22, which was intended, but it was a coincidence that it was only 10 comics after. I only realized that before I finished it. :D

This week is Reading Week for me, where we get a week to study for our midterms, tests, projects, exams, etc. While I have a few projects to do, I don't have any tests or midterms of any sort right now so I'm pretty much free with some exception. Everytime I do get time off though, I make these hollow promises to myself that I'm going to do something I've been putting off like making extra comics in advance... Only to be too lazy to actually go through with it on the time I get off... Though not every the time. I do generally research of learn certain things I want to learn when I have a moment.

As a way to interact with my small fanbase and spread awareness of Spark Comics' existance, I'm actually going to try and turn this Comic into a sort of meme. The following link will point you to a Deviant Art Page that will allow you to download a modified version of this comic that you can edit however you like (Notes and extra settings are included). I figure since the visuals are limited and non-specific, people can creatively edit it in their own way. Please, if you're interested in memes or just want to try editing this comic, click the link. All I ask is that you use it respectfully and responsibly. :)

Spark Comic Meme File

See you next comic! :)