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Spark Comic 33
February 28th, 2012
Spark Comic #33 - Karaoke

Hello, Sparky Fans! Hope all is well!

A while back, it was my friend's birthday and she wanted to hang out with friends for it. The friend in question inspired a new character, the girl on the right, who also appeared in Spark Comic #21, is named Gocky. Anyway, my friend, who we shall call Gocky, eventually wanted to go to a Karaoke Bar. Prior to this I had never actually been to one of these before and had some reluctance to actually try it out. See, despite constantly being called out for having a similar name to American Idol Jordin Sparks (no relation) my singing ability is shit and I know it. I hate listening to my own voice during recordings for video and audio work. Nonetheless, I got bundled with my Gocky and her friends in a small room where we sang and listened to each other to see who's more tone deaf. I did sing though it was incredibly awkward for me for aformentioned reason and the fact that I'm not used to people watching me sing on the rare ocassion I actually do.

It was fun, though it's great to know that we all admitted that we couldn't sing or else this comic might offend somebody! It was nice with friends. I know some friends who visit karaoke bars regularly in groups and I never understood why and I still don't. I wouldn't mind going again with friends but if I had a choice between going to a Karaoke Bar and... Well, anything else, then the Karaoke Bar would get the short end of the stick.

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