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Spark Comic 36
May 1st, 2012
Spark Comic #36 - Crass Effect

Hello Sparky fans. I am back from my hiatus. A relative who I was fairly close to passed away so I had to travel abroad for the funeral. It was very unfortunate and I was quite busy while I was gone. Fortunately, I was able to finish this comic and start part of the next comic in the spare time I had. I took a flight back home last night and now I'm back in Toronto.

My very first Mass Effect Comic and the triumphant return of Ronald McJoker. I've actually had a few ideas for Mass Effect, but some of them are pending since I think they might be better off as animations than comics. The first Mass Effect game I played was Mass Effect 2 and I've only recently started Mass Effect 1 since I want to play it before I get Mass Effect 3. The beginning of ME2 starts out very much like this. I didn't know any of the characters at the start so I was super confused when they start calling for Joker. I actually started to imagine Ronald McJoker when they first called for him before it showed who it was. Joker is a pretty odd nickname for a pilot with glass bones. I know I wouldn't want a pilot named Joker driving my ship, especially not in Space. Part of me likes how silent Sheperd is when the Normandy blows up. After all, in Space, no one can hear you "FUUUUUUUUU-!"

See you next comic! :)