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Spark Comic 37
May 8th, 2012
Spark Comic #37 - TCAF 2014

Last weekend, I went to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) at the Toronto Reference Library. I've been volunteering there for 3 years now and it's still pretty fun. I love helping people so I got to do quite a bit of that. It's a free weekend convention and it's a pretty huge event that centers mainly around independent comic artists and webcomic creators rather than the traditional Marvel/DC stuff. Even if you know a lot of indie and web comics there's about a million and one things there that you'll discover for the first time. It's really awesome and if you're in Toronto I highly reccommend checking it out next year.

Back to the comic, I recenltly made my own business cards and started handing them out to artists and random people that I met. The three artists I listed in this comic, Angela Melick, Meredith Gran, and Christopher Hastings make Wasted Talent, Octopus Pie, and The Adventures of Dr. McNinja respectively. They were all there and are some of my greatest inspirations to becoming a webcomic artist. I met them and gave them my business cards as well. I wasn't that desperate/deranged when I gave it to them (at least, I hope not), just casually bringing it up in conversation. I met a lot of awesome artists there. There was even this random person I met at TCAF who I gave my business card to that I ran into three times over the course of two days, which is unexpectedly cool. Hopefully the people who got my business cards checked out my site and enjoy my work, as well as you, the viewer. Maybe I'll be featured here one day...

See you next comic! :)