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Spark Comic 38
May 14th, 2012
Spark Comic #38 - Course Intentions

So, I've finally finished 2nd year of University at Ryerson. I'm actually a bit sad. I actually like University so I can't say summer is necessarily my favorite time of the year, like it was in public school. I'm an A-grade student as always and now I have the free time to put do pet projects that I've been putting off as well as learn more things I want to know more about and improve my skills for next year, so I'm very happy for that.

I've been trying to do my course intentions and this is pretty much what's been happening. I'm really confused as to what Liberal courses I can actually take, at least in my first semester. My other issue is that there are a bunch of Table I courses I wante to take, but not too many interesting courses in the Table II or Liberal categories. With the Liberals, there's barely anything I can take and it's kind of infuriating when the interesting courses I want to take are completely out of my reach. I'm not sure if it's Ryerson's administration or if it's just Ryerson's network infastructure. I love Ryerson, but their online interface for their network (It's called RAMSS) has caused many glitches and problems for student and professor alike. Oh well, I'm sure it'll work itself out... somehow.

See you next comic! :)