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Spark Comic 49
August 21st, 2012
Spark Comic #49 - Course Selection

This week's comic harkens back to Spark Comic #38 when I was complaining about Ryerson's Course Intention process. Yesterday morning was the start of the Course Selection process. This NEVER goes well. I needed to get my schedule changed due to several courses getting inexplicably cut on my intial schedule that was released a few weeks ago and I was not the only one who had to deal with that. Getting courses changed at the ungodly time of 5:30 AM is always a mad house as everyone has to log on at once and change their schedule around before a course becomes full (IT'S SERIOUS BUSINESS). Unfortunately, Ryerson's servers are made of glass. It cracks when one person tries to log on at any other time and it shatters when everyone tries to do so at once. When Course Selection happens, it's normal to be there for a few hours fighting with the server since it constantly freezes and crashes on everyone. At the same time though, if you try to get your courses done at any other time, there's no point since everything is gone by then.

I will admit, however that accessing the servers wasn't nearly as insane a madhouse as every other time. It was still bad, but it was an improvement. In the end though, I still have ONE course not on my schedule due to it becoming full after it was inexplicably cut from my schedule. I love Ryerson, but this is ridiculous considering this crap tends to happen every year. You'd think they would've find a better way to manage their servers and arrange people's schedules.

One more comic away from #50! YAYZ!

See you next comic! :)