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Spark Comic 48
August 16th, 2012
Spark Comic #48 - Olympic 2012

The London 2012 Olympics are now over and I'm making another comic on current events while they're current.

A few pages back, I mentioned how I am not a big sports fan. This is still true, but there's one series of events I'm always excited for: Track and Field. I am a former sprinter and used to do 100 meters and 4x100m relay, so that is one sport I'm actually interested in. My dad is a former sprinter as well, so him and I often watched the track and field races together. Seeing Usain Bolt (How cool is it that "Bolt" is his actual last name?!) speed through the track was amazing. He flew past everyone while having a bad start! My father loved it especially since he hails from Jamaica, so he had a bit of natural pride tied to Usain Bolt's accomplishments... Plus, Team Canada wasn't being particular exciting or winning many things, though they all still did a good job regardless. Usain Bolt truly is the fastest man alive!

I find it odd that Nintendo and Sega release those Mario and Sonic olympic games together every few years considering they used to be arch-rivals in the business. I've never actually played any of them but I can't help but think about the characters in actual Olympic events. In the game, I don't see how Sonic could lose a race. In the actual Olympics I'd love to see Mario and Sonic characters race Usain Bolt and see how that turns out. Y'know what, let's throw in the Roadrunner in there for good measure, because why not?

See you next comic! :)