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Spark Comic 47
August 8th, 2012
Spark Comic #47 - Curiosity

Hello, welcome to Spark Comics on Earth... For NOW... MUHAHAHAHAAHA!

Yes, Curiosity caused quite a spectacle when it landed on Mars over the weekend so I quickly made this punny comic so I can be timely with current events for once. YAY ME! Besides, somebody needed to make this lame joke. I did not actually watch the landing. I forgot about it until about 5 AM in the morning and then started getting updated on the news. It's a pretty exciting thing to see photos from Mars. Even with a slashed budget, NASA did good on their new mutlti-billion dollar rover so far. I swear, if the Government had bothered to give them even HALF of the US Military budget over the past decade, we would have starships by now. I'm really excited by what the Curiosity will teach us... Even though I'm sure all the important stuff will be classified and hidden from the public. With the Higgs Bozon discovery and now this, we're that much closer to finding the Prothean ruins, creating Mass Effect fields, and travelling to the Citadel!

Imagine Curiosity brought a cat with it. Either the long travel time to Mars, the lack of oxygen, and/or the conventionally inhabitable atmosphere of the Martian world would've killed it by now... Then Curiosity would've killed a cat...

See you next comic! :)