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Spark Comic 46
July 31st, 2012
Spark Comic #46 - Heatwave

Canada used to be a moderate climate country... But then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked...

Or the sun... Or Global Warming... Or Stephen Harper... Either option is valid.

I'm back to making comics again after taking the past 2 weeks off due to a very bad break out of very bad skin reaction to the heat, which inspired this comic and has been exagerated on panel 3. I say exaggerated because it hasn't really covered my body yet. It's mainly been ravaging my face, my neck and a few select small spots on my arm. It's only really painful when it starts fucking with the skin around my eyes because it severly irritates the eye itself and it becomes painful to open my eye lids. I've managed to get some skin cream that keeps it mostly at bay for now, but it's still very much messing with my skin, though thankfully I've successfully kept it off my eyes. I'm feeling pretty good right now a this time of writing, despite my irritable skin and I just need to keep mindful of the temperature.

The heat wave has been pretty punishing as of late. It's not as consistent as it was a few weeks ago, but we're constantly being assaulted by temperatures ranging from 30 - 40 degrees celcius which makes you feel like you're melting into a puddle. If global warming isn't going to be the death of us, I don't know what will. Also, despite what international stereotypes keep telling people Canadians do not live in Igloos, we don't ride polar bears to get around, or reside in a winter wonderland unless you live so far up north you can see Santa's workshop at the North Pole... Which is like 5% of the country.

I wonder if my puddle tastes like chocolate...

See you next comic! :)