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Spark Comic 62
May 28th, 2013
Spark Comic #62 - Brains

"Personally, my brain thinks the dead brain was on drugs which turned him into a homicidal maniac and he eventually killed himself while the hugging brains weren't looking... But, that's just me..."

Hello Sparky Fans!

This comic is very random... It's a random idea I've had for a while. It was mostly inspired by the whole "This is your brain on drugs" advertisements which I randomly remembered one day. Despite the end "joke", this comic was essentially made for 2 reasons.

First, it was made because I'm personally a huge Anti-Drug person. I take pride in the fact that I've never touched drugs once, nor have I ever felt tempted to, even amongst peer pressure. I also hate not having control or losing control of my actions and doing something accidental or unintended which is why try be calm at most times and don't tend to drink alcohol (Though that's also partly because I just don't like the taste). To me it feels like weakness or submission if I can't bring myself together to get through things. I'd rather rely on my own strength to relax or get things done. I've also seen certain people I know get uttely destroyed by substance abuse and it's very well served as a cautionary tale. It's because of this that I'm always the ones against drugs whenever the topic of conversation comes up. This seems to be highly contested in artist circles and I've been open to hearing others opinions, including the most common one as helping inspiration. Personally, I'm satisfied with all the crazy stuff I think of while totally my right mind, but hey, that's just me. I'll somewhat respect their opinions sometimes, even if I fiercely disagree with it.

Second, and most importantly, this comic was made because, well, big brains need hugs. Myself and many of my friends work hard all the time to do assignments, live up to responsibilities, help others, and just do a whole bunch of things that it feels overwelming sometimes. Sometimes we feel frustrated, lonely, extermely anxious and it all becomes quite stressful. This is particularly wide spread at every finals/exam season for students. I'm sure whoever reading this has gone through this or know someone who has or even currently is. Sometimes it can feel like their world is crashing down on them and their big brain and they're mentally having a crisis with all their burdens... So do them a favor: Give them a hug. Really, do it. If you have a friend, anybody, working their ass off to make things happen, going above and beyond the call of duty in their work, and/or are beyond stressed, just give them a hug. You may think won't do anything; you may think that you're being completely useless in the face of their problems, but trust me, it helps. Sometimes, we all just need a hug every now and then. A simple hug can make the difference between a stable mind and a mental breakdown.The hardest working people often need the biggest hugs. A hug doesn't make you any less of a man or woman. In fact, it's what makes you a living, breathing human being.

See you next comic! :)

P.S. Anime North was fantastic! I had so much fun and I can't wait until next year. I'm currently touching up all 450+ of my photos, but I'll be posting some of them online later, including some of myself as the Sparktacular Viking Spider-Assassin! To see them, be sure to join the Spark Comics Facebook Fan Page!