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Spark Comic 63
June 4th, 2013
Spark Comic #63 - Racial Rangers

This comic is based on a joke a friend and I made while hacking the Kinect for a project this past semester. We were getting frustrated at messing with our code and trying to figure out how exactly what was wrong. We eventually hit a standstill and suddenly, my friend randomly started making this Power Rangers joke. I hope this isn't too much of an "in-joke" for people not to understand. He randomly made the joke based on the fact that he is asian and I am Black and... Well, I think you get the picture. I will admit, I usually detest racially-based comedy, however, I couldn't help but find this particular joke hilarious.

My friend is a nostalgic fan of Power Rangers both of us have the Rangers Communicate ring for our cell phone texts. I don't really follow Power Rangers anymore, but I remember how I used to watch the shit out of it as a kid. Even now, the Power Rangers franchise holds a special place in my heart. Unlike most people though, my journey with the Rangers didn't actually start with original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. I didn't see the original series almost at all as a kid. I actually started with Power Rangers In Space and I completely followed it all the way up to Power Rangers Wild Force it stopped coming on Saturday Mornings. The last time I seriously tracked down the series was years ago to watch the Forever Red episode after I heard it featured an army of Red Rangers in a giant crossover. It was freaking awesome!I hear there's supposed to be another giant crossover Power Rangers episode coming out soon. Not sure when that's happening, but I'll definitely be checking that out!

This comic is also relevant to me because I recently got my 20th Anniversary Power Rangers Legacy Morpher. That Morpher is now worth every penny, especially since I can now go anywhere I want and legitimately shout, "IT'S MORPHING TIME!"

See you next comic! :)