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Spark Comic 64
June 11th, 2013
Spark Comic #64 - The Third One

Hey Sparky Fans! E3 is upon us and if you're a gaming fan, I hope you're paying attention!

Been saving this one ever since the Xbox One was first announced. Actually, scratch that; I've been saving a BUNCH of jokes about the Xbox One since it was announced, so many I probably won't be able to make comics on all them with my schedule. The name is just so non-sensical. In fact, you could say it's a 360 of what they should be doing. The awkward name, which makes the REAL original Xbox one cry in a corner, is weird. They seem to have forgotten they were making a gaming console and made it all about TV... Which people already have enough of. Worst of all, however is the whole, always online and used game DRM is being handled. It seems the only ONE they had in mind for the Xbox One is the shareholder, not the consumer, and they're committing suicide because of it. Unless they get their act together, they're screwed and I'll be buying a PS4.

Speaking of PS4, did you see Sony's E3 conference. It was freaking amazing! There were tonnes of surprises and solid announcements. When I saw the Disney logo and Kingdom Hearts came on screen, my face grew the hugest smile I've had in a long time and I started fangasming like nothing else. I freaking love Kingdom Hearts and am so happy we're FINALLY getting Kingdom Hearts 3 instead of one of those annoying spinoffs. Sony may have missed me with the PS3, but PS4 is definitely looking to be worth my time and money.

Next is Nintendo, which is later today via their online Nintendo Direct online videos instead of an actual conference. I'll admit, when they announced they weren't doing a press conference at E3, I was a bit worried. However, their Nintendo Direct videos are a much more effective vechicle to get their message across and I heavily admire their new initiative: To bring E3 to the public. In case you haven't heard, Nintendo teamed up with Best Buy to show their own E3 demos at Best Buy stores across the US and Canada this week at select dates and times. It's for this reason that Nintendo kinda wins all of E3 this year on at least some level because it actually lets players play their games/demos and not watch some impressions from a random video game site. If nothing else, they win E3 for public accessibility and overall friendliness to their audience and I really admire that. Can't wait to try their demos and see what Nintendo has up their sleeve! Bring on the Smash Bros trailer!

See you next comic! :)

P.S. For those who missed or want a synopsis of E3 2013, it went something like this! XD