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Spark Comic 65
June 25th, 2013
Spark Comic #65 - Serious Summer

Hello Sparky fans!

As you may have noticed, this week's comic is a contrasting riff on Spark Comic #32 which I also turned into a meme anyone could download and edit for themselves.

Currently, this is my state of mind right now. I'm going into my 4th and final year of New Media at Ryerson University, a fact I'm both excited and terrified about. In my 4th year, I have to make a thesis of whatever I want. In my program, however, only the best of the best get chosen for the META, which is the annual end of year show for 4th years. Ever since seeing META back in my second year, I've been pondering things to make and have been working hard to get the skills to do whatever I want when the time comes... But I'm still not good enough. I need to learn more if I want to achieve my goal of making a game for my thesis. Sparky Konga was a simple test run, but what I'm aiming for will be much more complicated. I've been doing A LOT of research and learning in the past few months in how to better use and become more skillful with Maya, Zbrush, and Unity3D as well as read many gaming and non-gaming related text. It's been hard and slow road which I plan to continue down. I'm not afraid of hard work, but this is the most ambitious thing I've ever attempted... And this is coming from a person who's been making his career on overly-ambitious projects.

Unfortunately, that may mean I need to take another short hiatus/break soon. As much as I hate to admit it, not only does this research deprive me of time to create comics, but the time I spend to make comics feels like it could be better spent learning more things, especially since I believe learning more of these things can definitely help my visual and storytelling ability (Research such as this helped me with the last panel of Spark Comic #53, for example). If I want any chance at getting my thesis finished in time for next year, working on it in the summer is crucial, especially since I don't know exactly how to do it at the moment. Also adding that I recently became employed again and I've become just as busy if not more than I am during an academic semester. I hope you understand. It is unfortunate and I apologize, but if I want to make a game, make better artwork, make better comics, I may need to break away for a bit... But I will make my Anime North comic before that break begins, SO I'M NOT GOING ON A BREAK YET.

In the meantime, however, I would like to start getting more Guest Comics up. Not just because I'm going on break soon, I'm talking in general since I would like to sprinkle guest comics on certain days even when I'm not busy, but so far nobody has wanted to besides my friend of mine who did last week's guest comic. If you would like to do a guest comic to be shown on Spark Comics, go to the Contact section of the site send me an e-mail with a link to your work or your comic and a script for what you want to make. I can't promise I'll accept everything, but I'll gladly hear you out.

See you next comic! :)