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Spark Comic 66
July 17th, 2013
Spark Comic #66 - Anime North 2013

I FINALLY got this comic done. It's been a long time coming and I've oddly had a lot of unexpected grief to get this done, but my 3rd annual Anime North comic is here.

This comic is actually quite late. Anime North was near the end of May, but this comic embodies my experiences at the convention this year and I had so much fun. This was the first year I went all 3 (technically 4) days and I very much enjoyed it all and saw more things than ever before. This year, I decided to mostly avoid talking about generic "hanging out with friends" stuff and focused on the unique things that happened this year.

I literally pranked people with the Hidden Blade all weekend. All sorts of people I met fell victim to it and the reactions were priceless! Ever since, there have been one or two occasions where I brought it with me to meet a few people and pranked them. It literally never gets old. I also pseudo-cosplayed as the Sparktacular Viking Spider-Assassin Ranger. Viking Spider-Man has been a joke that I've pulled with a few friends in the past so I originally brought all that stuff to get a laugh out of friends, but eventually I caved and just let everyone in on the joke. I walked around in that for about half of Saturday like that at the convention and got plenty of laughs from other people at the con due to its randomness, some even asked for a picture. Because the belt buckle is kinda weighty though, I didn't really wear the morpher on my belt, though just having that thing allows me to automatically shout "IT'S MORPHING TIME" on any occasion ever. The fact that people enjoyed it made it all worth it in the end. I have to admit, despite my aversion to cosplaying, it was kinda fun. I can barely see anything in that Spider-Man mask though.

In addition to getting over 1000 Streetpasses, on Sunday, my mom decided she'd give the convention a chance and come to see what it's like for about 2 hours. For years, she's heard me talk about Anime North and have seen my pictures of it. As a child, I came with my dad twice to Anime North, but never with my mother. I borrowed a friend's pass and my mom and I looked around together. I told her she'd experience a whole new world and I was right. She'd never experienced anything like this and was very shocked and freaked out at first, but eventually she was okay with it and was surprised at how nice the cosplayers seemed when I asked for pictures and how civilized the whole thing was. While she still things it's weird, it really seemed to break her preconceptions towards events like this, which I find is nice.

Unfortunately, now that this comic is FINALLY finished, I'm going to have to go on my hiatus now. Like I said with the last comic, I need to take a hiatus now to focus on my studies and my thesis project. I've been making some ground in that respect, but the comic is in the way, so I need a bit of a break. Rest assured, Spark Comics will continue eventually, though I apologize that I have to go away for a while. If you have your own comic or like to draw comics, I accept certain guest comics, so feel free to send me an e-mail about it and I'll get back to you.

In the meantime, feel free spread the comics to all your friends and LIKE the Spark Comics Facebook Page, or become a fan Spark Comics on I appreciate your understanding with letting me take care of other matters before I continue, but I'll be sure to use this time to study and create wonderful things that everyone can enjoy.

Until next time, see you next comic! :)

P.S. If anyone wants to see my photos from Anime North, feel free to view them here.