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Spark Comic 67
March 11th, 2014
Spark Comic #67 - NOPE Storm

Greetings Sparky-Fans! Remember me? Spark Comics is back with not only its first comic of 2014, but the first comic since I went on an extended hiatus to focus on my undergraduate thesis last July. I recently finished my thesis video game project, Who Are You?, and achieved Sparktacular results great feedback from players/users, and got it accepted into the 4th year new media thesis exhibition. With the what feels like one of the biggest moments of my life out of the way, for the most part, I feel happy to delve back into these comics I've longed to do for the past 8-9 months. I've missed drawing them.

This comic basically describes my reaction to this year's rather brutal winter in a nutshell. As a Canadian, I'm used to snow and cold winters, but this Winter was something else. Massive snowstorms on a constant basis, ice storms, frigid cold temperatures; truly it'll be a memorable winter. I particularly found it funny though when areas in the southern United States got a mere 5 centimetres of snow and everyone panicked. Yes, I know they haven't the equipment to handle it, but considering 5 centimetres is pretty light in Canada, I still found it funny. Thankfully, this Winter is almost over and Spring is on our doorstep. I am DEFINITELY looking forward to the warmer weather.

It's good to be back. For the next while, expect new comics every Tuesday. See you next comic! :)