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Spark Comic 72
May 13th, 2014
Spark Comic #72 - Essay

Personally, I've taken a lot of English courses over the years due to my love of storytelling and have also had other courses that would force me to write about things. In each of those courses, the same thing eventually happens: We get an essay assignment, the professor/teacher swears we cannot get it done at the last minute (To which they vastly underestimate my power), and then has an exam where they want is to write several essays in a laughably meager time period. The most frustrating part of this is when you get the exam back and there are comments all over your paper deducting marks because you didn't mention a thousand other things. I still get a decent mark as always, but the fact of the matter is they want me to write several essays in almost no time and expect it to be completely thought out and have every possible thing in it. Every exam like this usually leads me to having to shorten or cut a bunch of my points due to time constraints despite the fact that I'm writing at a speed so fast that Carpal Tunnel says, "Hi!". It doesn't help that every instructor is pretty subjective as to how much they like a style of writing or topic so it's hard to really win. Oh well, at least, no matter what, I never score too badly at these.

See you next comic! :)