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May 22nd, 2014
Spark Comic #73 - Lateness

Hello Sparky Fans! My apologies that this comic is somewhat late as I was having some technical difficulties, unexpected life situations and had was given a surprisingly out of nowhere surprise party by some friends a few days after my birthday. Then again, it's hard for me to feel bad about presenting a comic called "Lateness" late. THAT WAS THE POINT OF THE COMIC... Maybe... I dunno...

This comic has actually been on my backburner for years; in fact it was partly drawn and storyboarded years ago and I only drew the other 99% of it now. The reason why it's taken so long to produce is because I was having some issues with the music player working the code of the website years ago, and still was until recently, so I put it aside. Now, however, partly thanks to a friend of mine, the issues have been solved and this comic exists. Hip Hip Horray!

Sometimes, in the mornings especially, getting to places or a class on time can be extremely hard. I blame public transit conspiring against me, but that's a comic for another date. In public school, they will harrass you about being late. In University, with some exception, no one cares because you've already bought the horse with your tuition so it's your problem. While I prefer that the professor doesn't get on my case if I'm late, it does feel pretty shitty when no matter how hard you try to make it there on time, you're late regardless. That being said, it helps to make the best of it and try to make your tardiness feel as epic as possible.

See you next comic! :)