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Spark Comic 76
August 23rd, 2014
Spark Comic #76 - Anime North 2014

Better late than never, but here is my annual comic about Anime North 2014 a few months back. I had long script about all the things I did at Anime North… And then I scrapped it because I do the same thing every year and there wasn't much remarkable about it. It would be a long uninteresting comic that would be very similar to last year's so I shortened it to this and questioned just how worth it that weekend was.

Not to say I didn't have fun; I had a good time, but it felt like something was missing. I met certain people and saw my friends but it wasn't as remarkable as previous years to me. One of the most remarkable things that happened that I didn't want to put into comic form because I don't want to brag about it, was when I was walking across the bridge in my Viking Spider-Assassin getup, saw a cosplaying woman suddenly fall and injure her leg on a street with oncoming traffic, to which I addressed the situation and pegged another stranger to help me carry her up and off the street. After which I made sure she was okay and left. I don't know who she is. I was rather concerned though that the few other people in the area just stared at her while traffic was coming. You'd think helping her not get possibly run over would be the obvious thing to do, costumed or not, but apparently me thinking "anyone else would help" was not quite true. That was one of the most memorable moments of the convention for me. Otherwise, it wasn't that remarkable compared to previous years. I don't know if it was just the convention itself or if I'm just getting bored of this particular one. I certainly hope I'm not growing out of conventions entirely because even the disappointing conventions tend to be lots of fun and I love going to them.

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As many of you may have noticed, the comic has been on a rather mysterious hiatus as of late. Yes, I have been busy, but also burning to make comics on schedule. However, due to my issues with keeping a comics schedule right now, for the moment I'm going to begin putting comics up whenever I get them done. While keeping a comic schedule has proven helpful thus far to getting me motivated to make comics, right now they are a hindrance as they sap my motivation if I can't keep myself on schedule. I do hope to be able to go on back on a proper schedule at some point but for now I will attempt to make comics regularly but not on a particular day.

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