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September 4th, 2014
Spark Comic Guest - #FakeMemories - #Celebrities

Myst: Hi guys! This is Chani and Myst (AKA Mystayre) from Jordan's fellow affiliate webcomic, #fakememories! We are happy to bring in a special guest comic, to fill in for this week! Also, we are here to announce that #fakememories is now official! If you like this week's comic, you're more than welcome to check us out! And now a word from Chani!

Chani: Working downtown in the summer in a big city usually means you'll probably see tv shows and/or movies being filmed and if you're lucky you may even meet someone famous who could be on set filming or in town for some kind of festival or media event. Neither me nor Myst are into the whole celebrity culture but we do like to mess with people sometimes. The idea for this comic came from something that sort of happened one summer when One Direction was staying at the hotel across the street from my workplace. There were so many teen girls (and their moms) crowded outside the hotel hoping to get a glimpse of the band members so for fun me and my coworkers decided to troll them. Yup, this is how we pass our lunches sometimes, ha ha!

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