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Spark Comic 78
May 9th, 2015
Spark Comic #78 - Post-Undergrad

Hey Sparky-Fans!

Long time no see! I present to you the first comic of 2015… About last year?

So yeah, I just made this comic to communicate that yes, I am alive and didn’t drop off the face of the earth and yes I am still making comics. As I said in this comic, I am pursuing a Masters degree, which has taken up much of my time. I have also been taking on many responsibilities over the past year, such as leading the Game Maker’s Union, Ryerson’s Game Development club, for the last time in the 3 years, among many other things. The claws of Academia has me tight in its clutches for now. As such, I’ve had no time to properly make comics. I did try to and made a few half finished pages, this being one of them, but couldn’t find time to complete them. Luckily, I’m now in my last semester for my Masters program. While there is still A LOT of work to be done on my thesis project, this summer semester features no classes. I’m HOPING that means I can crank out some comics during study breaks.

If you were worried I had quit comics, I apologize. Spark Comics is not dead, but updates will be sporadic for the next few months. I hope you can understand.

More Spark Comics are coming soon. I also hope to update the site as well. Until then, stay Sparktacular and have a Sparktacular Day!