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October 18th, 2015
Spark Comic Bonus - Election 2015

Hey Sparky-Fans!

I'm finished my Masters degree and am making comics in advance as a buffer for next month, but I made this last minute comic in a few hours because I wanted to encourage my fellow Canadians to vote tomorrow.

Stephen Harper as dismantled Canada over the past decade in numerous ways that have divided people, weakened the rights and protections of all Canadian citizens, weakened the health care system and environmental protections, crippled the economy, made it harder to vote (and cheated in elections), and sold our interests to other countries. His government has enacted insult after insult after insult to Canadians over the years. Now his increasingly racist campaign is driven by fear mongering and demonizing on non-issues such as the Niqab and "barbaric cultural practices". However, because of the broken First Past the Post voting system, he has a chance to stay in power for a 4th term. This election is not about the Niqab. It's not about fear and terror. WE must define what this election is about. WE must stand together and get the Conservatives out of office tomorrow!

I will not tell you who to vote for. However, I urge you to vote ANYTHING but Conservative. Find your polling station! To see who in your area stands the best chance of beating a Conservative in your riding, go to

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