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Spark Comic 80
November 10th, 2015
Spark Comic #80 - Class Trip

Between School and University, I was a student for over 17 years. I've had many different teachers and professors, some I remember more than others. That being said, I think everyone has had at least one teacher who is very egotistical and in love with themselves to an annoying degree. I'm not going to point fingers, but let's just say I've had several of those over the years.

Now I'm not saying that showing some egotism is entirely bad. Heck, it can be sometimes be necessary. It can a defining part of an instructor, and have a moral behind it, or help them teach a concept, or just be very amusing. I've had a few good teachers who had a bit of an ego and yet were very great and memorable instructors. However, what annoys me is ego for the sake of ego. That helps no one and it gets stale real fast. The teachers I have had who were very egotistical often spent classes just basically rambling about themselves and how great they, their work, and their interests are, which is ultimately fine once or twice, but not every class. Unless it has something to do with the actual course it wastes students' time (and, in college & university, money). I wish they bothered to notice they had a course to teach.

Have you had to deal with an egotistical teacher?

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