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Spark Comic 84
March 23rd, 2016
Spark Comic #84 - Symphonic Evolutions

Hello Sparky-Fans! I'm back from my post-masters hiatus with new comics. I'll be updating regularly for a while and have enough content for the next couple of months. The road to 100 comics starts here!

One of my best memories from last year was the Pokémon Symphonic Evolutions concert in Toronto at the end of last Summer. I went with my concert buddy Pat and we both had a great time. While I loved the Legend of Zelda concert we attended years ago, I liked the Pokémon concert better. I have a far bigger childhood attachment to Pokémon and it I had a much deeper reaction to the show. The gloriously orchistrated music brought no end of memories to make me relive my Pokémon adventures from the games. My favorite part, however, was at the end, when they told the audience about singing a song, which everyone immediately knew meant they were going to play the classic Pokémon theme song! Pat and I sang our hearts out and we (mostly) knew the extended lyrics when the song deviated into the full version. I loved that part of the show and the audience participation of having the entire theatre sing along. It was a great experience and exactly what I needed back then to relieve the stress from my last days of Thesis.

It's good to be making comics again! I also recently started doing video game commentaries as part of The 3 Amiibros. Feel free to check that out and I'll see you next comic! :)