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Spark Comic 85
March 30th, 2016
Spark Comic #85 - A Day in the Life of Jordan Sparks

Welcome to Spark Comics. I am Jordan Sparks and this is in no way, shape, or form, an exaggeration of any kind.

This. Is. LITERALLY. My. Life.

I used to watch American Idol a lot growing up with my family. When Jordin Sparks first came on the show for her audition, my mother and I screamed a collective, "WHAT?!!!" and we were both incredibly mystified. Yes, the spelling is slightly different, but it's pronounced very much the same. We then watched as Jordin Sparks took the season by storm and ended up winning American Idol. She's a great singer and I wanted her to win, but I was quite flabbergasted all throughout that process. What are the odds of having essentially the same name? At the time, I didn't realize how much of an effect she would inadvertently have on me. Ever since she first appeared on American Idol, even to this day, EVERY time I meet new people, I almost ALWAYS get at least one person, if not everyone at the time, being shocked at my name and asking if I know she was the famous American Idol singer. I meet a new people at a meetup or event? Someone says it. I buy something at a store and use my membership card? Someone asks. I give someone my business card? You know the drill. I go to the bank? The bank teller makes a witty remark (In one case, even fanboying about it). Needless to say, I get this A LOT.

Due to the amount of extracurriculars I was doing and amount of new people I was meeting in University on a regular basis, I could easily have this happen every day of the week. I still do get this a lot though, to the point where I'm actually surprised when I meet people and they DON'T make the comparison. Overall, I'm not greatly bothered or annoyed by this most of the time. In fact, sometimes it makes for a great conversation starter, even though I'm never the one to bring it up. However, it can be incredibly repetitive to have to tell everyone I know about my singing dopplegänger every time I go out... Also, before you ask, no, I can NOT sing.