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Spark Comic 89
April 28th, 2016
Spark Comic #89 - Dueling Dorks

For this week's Spark Comic, it's time to duel!

I've had the idea for this comic for years. Since the new Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie recently came out in Japan, I thought this was the perfect time to do this comic. Yugi and Kaiba have such a great rivalry. Seto Kaiba was always my favorite of the original cast. I've always been a big Yu-Gi-Oh! fan at heart. I still play the card game casually and keep up with the current anime. I run a Hero Deck. I've watched most of the spinoff series, I'm really loving the current Arc-V series. Yu-Gi-Oh!'s one of the things I just never grew out of and I'm not ashamed to say that. It's a fun franchise and it's given me countless memories and experiences. I wanted to use this comic to evoke the series of the classic series that everyone who might have watched the series as a kid was familiar with as well as throw absurd elements of the card game that current fans will appreciate. I hope fans new and old get a kick out of this comic.

You may notice that this week's comic looks a lot different than any of my other comics. This is because I created with Clip Studio Paint Pro instead of Flash. I've been trying out Clip Studio lately and it's a really great program! It's like a mix of Flash & Photoshop with a lot of useful quirks. I held back on doing this particular comic years ago since I wasn't satisfied with my own drawing ability or how this could be represented through Flash. I took the plunge with Clip Studio to learn it as well as get the 'anime' feel I was desired for this comic. I'm pretty satisfied with the end product and doing this page really taught me a lot about Clip Studio. I won't be using Clip Studio for all my comics from now on, but I may be use it to help with certain comics in the future.

I have to send my computer in for repairs this week, so unfortunately that means no comic next week. I'll be back the following week. Additionally, I'll be making an appearance at an event soon! I'll announce it as soon as I'm allowed through my Facebook Page so be sure to follow me there.

See you next comic! :)

2021 Update: There's now a fandub by Lickyface!